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LocationOne provides nationwide information to assist business development. Below is the O''Brien County portal into this data base.  Click this link to go to the LocationOne site.

The information above is a web page (from http://www.locationone.com/) within this O''Brien County web page. Using the back button (usually in the upper left corner) applies to the outer web page. Choosing a different community, changing data displays, and other tasks (including going back) must be done in the inner web page. Scrolling left-right or up-down must be done using the enclosed scroll bars, not the far right or bottom bars.

Browsers: Internet Explorer works well; Firefox has text overlap issues and hides the search button; Other browsers have not been tested.

At the upper right of the LOIS* page are Browse Communities and Property Search. For broad coverage of details in a community within O''Brien County, click on Brouse Communities>>Select a City>>Select the characteristic desired. WARNING: Generally a property search opens one choices-map; a community search opens a SECOND choices-map without closing or hiding the first one. Just ignore the partially hidden map.

Generally LOIS is easy to use and as a nationwide data base is an excellent resource for businesses and communities.

* LOIS--LocationOne Information System

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