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The O'Brien County Community Foundation (OBCCF) recently awarded grants totaling $91,900 to twenty-seven nonprofit organizations in support of projects and programs throughout O'Brien County. Since the first grants were made in 2006, over $458,000 has been awarded. Funding for the grant program is a result of County Endowment Fund legislation (HF2302) passed in 2005 which provides that a percentage of the state's gambling revenues is to be distributed among all Iowa counties that do not have a gambling entity.

"The OBCCF has had the opportunity to help various nonprofit organizations throughout the past few years. For example, we have awarded grants to help preserve the history of our county, for building updates to area fire departments, and to modernize daycare equipment in various communities." stated Ann Carpenter, OBCCF Advisory Board Chair.

The OBCCF was formally established in 2005 through affiliation with the Siouxland Community Foundation and is governed by a local nine-member advisory board composed of representatives from each of the communities in O'Brien County: Archer, Calumet, Hartley, Paullina, Primghar, Sanborn, Sheldon, and Sutherland; as well as one county-at-large member.

The mission of the O'Brien County Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the communities served by encouraging permanent charitable giving to meet the needs of present and future generations.

The following are recently awarded grants from the OBCCF:

Civic and Community

American Legion Post #95 (Paullina, IA)        $3,000 Funding to replace the roof on the Legion building in order for continued use of the building for social needs of the community, i.e. community meetings,wedding receptions, farmers meetings, blood drives, etc.
City of Archer (Archer, IA)            $3,443
Support provided to replace 2 doors, 4 windows,add new steel roofing, and paint the exterior of the Old Train Depot/Picnic Shelter House.
City of Calumet (Calumet, IA)            $5,716

Requesting funds to remove the current blacktop and replace the city park’s existing basketball court.

City of Hartley(Hartley, IA)             $2,500
For the purchase and installation of portable ADA compliant triad easy stairs for the swimming pool to provide assess by elderly and handicapped individuals.
City of Sheldon (Sheldon, IA)            $2,000
Funding toward the replacement of existing old wooden bleachers in City Park with new ADA compliant aluminum bleachers.
Cornerstone Senior Communities (Sutherland, IA)    $3,669
Support provided to create an outdoor sitting area and deck on the front of the building for use by Willoway and community residents.
General N. B. Baker Library (Sutherland, IA)        $3,840
Funding to level and resurface the north basement floor so area can be used to fulfill a growing need as a place for community groups to meet.
Hartley Volunteer Fire Department (Hartley, IA)        $1,250
For a new computer, monitor, and tablet to be used in the training room at the fire station.
O’Brien County Conservation Board (Peterson, IA)    $5,946
The Sisters Circle, formed in November 2011 with the mission of supporting community projects, has partnered with the Conservation Board to help improve the Mill Creek playground. Funding provided for 3 different playground pieces to be added to the park playground.
O’Brien County Fair Board (Primghar, IA)        $2,500
For the purchase and installation of overhead ceiling fans in the Commercial Building and 4-H Non-Livestock Exhibit Building to aid in the cooling and comfort of commercial exhibitors, 4-H’ers, and fair attendees at the fair grounds.
O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office (Primghar, IA)        $3,395
Funding to purchase a K9 dog and necessary equipment (K9 transport system, temperature control alarm equipment, licenses and certifications) to operate a K9 program. Program will assist in narcotic detection, tracking, and evidence collection.
Paullina Public Library (Paullina, IA)            $3,000
For the installation of automatic openers on two front entrance doors to the library to make entry easier for the elderly and disabled.
Paullina Sports Complex Commission (Paullina, IA)    $2,500
Support provided to help offset the cost of the Swanson Sports Complex renovation project.
Primghar Ambulance Team (Primghar, IA)        $5,514
To assist in making installment payments for the purchase of a Power Cot/Power Load system. Power Cot reduces strenuous lifting and will help the team of volunteers ensure the safety of patients in the lifting process.
Primghar Public Library (Primghar, IA)            $2,500
Toward the purchase of an energy efficient furnace and air conditioner to provide heating and air conditioning for patron comfort, cutting of energy costs, and provide the necessary heating and cooling to maintain library’s materials.
Sanborn Fire & Rescue Department (Sanborn, IA)    $3,694
For the purchase of 3 MSA Gas Detectors with docking station and gas regulator to give firefighters early warning of dangerous atmosphere.


Baum Harmon Mercy Hospital / Kid Kampus (Primghar, IA)    $10,000
Funding for the purchase of new safer playground equipment for children ages two to twelve.
Hartley Community Daycare (Hartley, IA)        $5,000
Funding support to improve the energy efficiency of the building by replacing drafty windows.
Kids Express Daycare (Sanborn, IA)            $4,297
For the purchase and installation of a security system to ensure the safety of the 55 children currently attending the daycare.
Northwest Iowa Community College (Sheldon, IA)    $1,294
For the purchase of a geriatric manikin that will be used to expand the Certified Nurse Assistants program.


City of Sanborn (Sanborn, IA)                $5,000
Toward the acquisition of 4 Automated external defibrillators (AEDs); 2 for the police department, 1 for the swimming pool and 1 for the fire department. This will allow AEDs to be positioned around Sanborn in the event of a cardiac event.
Paullina Ambulance Service (Paullina, IA)        $1,950
For the purchase of a Broselow Bag specializing in pediatric care for emergency situations. Bag is used for an accurate assessment of a pediatric patient and contents are color coded for easy selection of correct equipment to be used.

Human Services

Community Memorial Health Center (Hartley, IA)    $1,387
Support provided to purchase 10 cordless phone care partner communicators (Lifeline Units) for the Lifeline Program participants. This will allow for independent at home living, a sense of security, and access to the right help for any situation, 24 hours per day all year with the push of a button.
Family Crisis Centers of NorthwestIowa (Sioux Center, IA)    $1,500
Toward the purchase of computer equipment, supplies and publications to implement a mobile advocacy program for adults and children victimized by violence in O’Brien County.
The Rotary Club of Rock Valley Foundation (Rock Valley, IA)    $1,612
For direct costs reimbursement for 18 volunteers with the Foster Grandparent Program. The volunteers go into local schools, pre-schools, daycare centers and Village Northwest Unlimited to help children reach their social and academic potential.
The Rotary Club of Rock Valley Foundation (Rock Valley, IA)    $1,393
Transportation reimbursement for 5 volunteers with the Senior Companion Program. The volunteers provide visits, assistance, and transportation to doctor’s appointments, etc. at no cost for home-based clients.
Village Northwest Unlimited (Sheldon, IA)        $4,000
Funding to help provide an updated technology program and new art therapy program for 100+ adults with disabilities in O’Brien County. The CyberSkills Room remodel will include updated computers, iPads, adaptive devises, as well as work stations specifically designed for adults with disabilities to assist with learning technology to enhance their job skills and through the art program, develop their fine motor skills.



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